Throughout my two terms, my interest in proactive planning has strengthened, my knowledge of local land use grown, and my desire to be part of the solution has only increased. I believe I have a track record of thoughtful planning and civic engagement, and I have the qualifications needed to get that job done. I attend meetings, understand the extensive time commitment the Planning Board requires, and I take the lead in saying “NO” when necessary and possible. I am working on updating my website for this cycle and will publish a bio, highlights of key accomplishments I am proud of these past 6 years.

If so honored with your vote, in the next term, I will:

  • continue to push for a proactive approach to planning and not just waiting to catch the applications that come before us or issues that arise.
  • examine zoning in our town, and give the town choices about making changes in order to drive the growth and development towards appropriate locations and away from other less appropriate areas.
  • encourage the town to be more transparent and improve the flow of information to the public.
  • promote the development of a North Grafton Bikeway
  • work on driving the creation of a transit oriented mixed use development including affordable housing in North Grafton near the commuter rail station.


Citizens play an essential role in deciding the future of a community, so serving as a member of the Planning Board offers a critical opportunity to make a difference. I will continue to balance the needs of development and growth with preserving

the ideals and areas of this town that make Grafton a great place to live, work and do business.

Please feel free to message me if you have any specific questions. Thank you for your time and consideration, I hope to earn one of your two votes on May 15th.