Thank you for your vote of confidence!

May 22, 2018
It has been one week since the election and I have been sworn in for my 3rd term on the Grafton Planning Board. I wanted to take this opportunity to directly thank all the voters of Grafton who came out and exercised that right last week whether they voted for me or not, but I especially want to thank those who gave me one of their votes to continue serving the Town of Grafton on the Planning Board. Six years ago when I was first elected, it was a great feeling but it is even better to have received a "vote of confidence". 

In the next term I will:

  • encourage other departments and committees to think through the lens of zoning as well and what could potentially be done to further enhance zoning in ways that would help deliver on their objectives and provide improvements for this town,

  • encourage both the department but also the town to be more transparent, improve the flow of information to the public, and increase the awareness of the town,

  • promote the development of a North Grafton Bikeway, a Transit Oriented Mixed Use Development including Affordable Housing near the Commuter Rail Station, and development improvements in South Grafton on Main Street and North Grafton on Worcester Street.

Citizens play an active and essential role in deciding the future of a community, and I am honored to continue serving as an elected member of the Planning Board and make a difference. I will continue to balance the needs of development and growth with preserving the ideals and areas of this town that make Grafton a great place to live, work and do business.

Thank you,

Mike Scully


About Chapter 40B and Prentice Place in North Grafton near Nelson Park

April 2, 2018
I was recently asked to break down some of the information about 40B and an in flight application for Prentice Place

Note I serve on Planning Board, I do not serve on the ZBA so my knowledge of it may not be 100% accurate, I post based on my understanding of it and welcome any ZBA member to message me any correction necessary

* If you ask me a 40B application may be the most complicated thing that comes in front of a town board. It is tough to go complet...
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Campaign season again, why I am running.

March 31, 2018
Throughout my two terms, my interest in proactive planning has strengthened, my knowledge of local land use grown, and my desire to be part of the solution has only increased. I believe I have a track record of thoughtful planning and civic engagement, and I have the qualifications needed to get that job done. I attend meetings, understand the extensive time commitment the Planning Board requires, and I take the lead in saying “NO” when necessary and possible. I am working on updating my ...
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Launch of re-election campaign

March 13, 2015

In my first three year term (elected May 2012), I have been honored by my peers and have been elected as Clerk and most recently as Vice-Chair. I represent the Planning Board on the Economic Development Commission and previously the Community Preservation Committee. 

In addition to the Planning Board and Economic Development, I serve as a member of the Grafton Emergency Management Agency where I work on communications and project planning and am a Trained and Certified member of the Community ...

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